Scalp Micropigmentation

Reclaim Your Hairline!

Scalp Micropigmentation (also known as SMP) is a popular non-surgical hair loss treatment during which natural pigments are applied within the dermal layer of the scalp, giving you the look of a full head of hair that you have decided to shave.  It’s a great way to treat Pattern Baldness, Alopecia and Thinning Hair for both males and females.

SMP is non-invasive, has almost universal appeal and is permanent, with touch-ups only required every few years. 

Scalp Micropigmentation appointments last several hours, and are carried out over the course of 2-3 appointments.

An in-person consultation is required.

The first appointment will give around 60%-80% coverage, and will build a strong foundation for the second appointment. The second appointment finalises the density, fills in the last areas of coverage and completes the look. A third appointment is available for any areas the require perfection.

The cost is dependant on the area to be treated, ranging from 

£700 – £1500. We offer Sunday appointments for complete privacy during your treatment.

Occasionally, we run special offers for model treatments at a greatly reduced price, just keep an eye on our social media!