Appointment Booking

Do I have to book an appointment?


We will always try to fit you in as soon as we possibly can, but we book up very quickly. 

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, all our services are now appointment only. You must have an appointment to come into the shop.  It is always worth getting in touch to see if we can fit you in if you don’t see the date or time you require on our on-line booking system.

Once your appointment has been booked, you will receive information about attending your appointment, and links to a consent form, and a Covid-19 health form. This form is required by East Cheshire Council, and must be filled in before you attend your appointment. 

We also display the NHS QR code in all areas, should you wish to scan it.


What do I need to know before my appointment?

You MUST be over 18 in order to get pierced without parental consent, and to get tattooed. 

It is required both by law and our insurance. We reserve the right to refuse to pierce or tattoo anyone, especially if we believe them to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or coercion.

Please have something light to eat before your appointment.

For piercings, unless you are a minor bringing your parent or legal guardian to your appointment, you must attend your appointment alone.

We cannot carry out any procedure on anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please consult your GP if you are taking blood thinning/heart medication, or have had recent surgery.

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, we will be emailing or texting you our consent forms before your appointment, these MUST be filled in and returned at least 24 hours before your appointment. Failure to return your forms could result in your appointment being cancelled and your deposit being lost.

Use the links below to book all piercing appointments, or for tattoo consultations.

What are your opening times?