Humble Beginnings

Artmageddon Tattoo Studio is the brain child of Dave and Yvonne, combining backgrounds in graphic design, marketing, executive administration and even clinical expertise to give rise to what would become affectionately know as the “apocalyptink front!” Coming from an artistic/graphic novel/design background lead Dave down the path of designing flash sheets for tattooists in his sunny homeland in Australia, and, is the way of the world, one thing led to another… until he was trading his one off flash sheets for his tattooist apprenticeship, and the rest, as they say, is history…until he met Yvonne. (We wish we could say that their eyes met across a star light night, amid the crashing of drums and the exploding colours of fireworks, but alas, this was not the case! Unfortunately it was more shell suits than shooting stars!)

After becoming disillusioned with their respective careers, it was time to make a change. Many sleepless nights were spent brainstorming, burning the midnight oil making plans and hatching schemes for what would become their future. After numerous conversations, meetings and enough phone calls to keep the telecoms companies in business, Artmageddons future was quite literally, sealed in ink.

Fast forward 8 years, and if you pop into our Mill Street studio on any given day you will still find Yvonne and Dave, toiling away, but now accompanied by James, who stumbled upon tattooing by way of a stomach ulcer, and has never looked back! James is an accomplished tattooist, specialising in the bold bright neo-traditional colour work, delicate mandalas and everything in-between!

We don’t just tattoo you know! We are fully trained, licensed and insured to carry out body piercings too. Yvonne carried out her training with one of the longest established blade piercing training institutes in Europe and has been inundated ever since!

It is always worth noting, that whilst we now occupy our lovely 3 floor studio on Mill Street, we could once be found on Chestergate, and were lucky enough to work with and be supported by Simon Howarth, who is no longer with us, but is never forgotten, and we are all the better for having been able to call him “friend”.


As you can see from the photo…we’re a very sensible bunch!